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The three most common misconceptions of strength training

Myth # 1: be a muscle man/woman

Your impression of fitness is likely to stay with bodybuilders, who fear they will become muscular and muscular.

It's impossible, the bodybuilders are professional, and after several years of careful training, it's not.

If that's the case, then you can kick the ball out of Asia and head to the world.

Myth 2: losing fat doesn't require strength training

Strength training increases a certain amount of muscle, and for people who lose fat, it can help you lose fat or keep the fat down.

Fat is stored energy, muscle is waste energy, so your body muscle content is high, can help you all the time consumption quantity of heat, to achieve the goal of auxiliary reduced fat.

What's more, through strength training, you can stimulate your body to produce more growth hormone, which is good for the whole workout.

Myth 3: the more you practice, the better

A lot of people to achieve the effect of strength training, will be added amount, almost every day in practice the same muscle, such muscles can not get rest, gain the effect is not obvious.

Add muscle principle: through strength training break muscle fibers, and then through the diet supplement enough protein, rest period, muscles to repair themselves, excessive muscle growth was formed after the repair.

So give your muscles enough time to rest.