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In addition to running and losing fat! These five

Here are some more efficient, more convenient sports!

A, skip rope

The jump rope has no place, and a small piece of open area can be done.

In addition to running and losing fat! These five "motions" are more convenient for burning fat - picture 2

Takeoff class action due to overcome the weight, and play the body to air, need more energy than running, so skip fat reducing efficiency is much higher than running.

Jump rope method:

Sit in the same spot for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, cycle 4, and rest for a minute or two. I'm going to do 4 cycles.

Second, take the stairs

If you don't have the right time and space to exercise alone, climbing the stairs is a good choice.

You can either go straight up the stairs or use a single step for training.

Training methods:

Go straight up the stairs and say nothing, the training method of a single step:

Find the step height at about 15 centimeters, use the fastest speed up and down 30 seconds, and then rest for 30 seconds. The next set of stairs do 60 seconds and rest for 45 seconds.

Practice 3-5 groups.

This is a daily routine for soccer, volleyball, and tennis players. Besides burning fat, you can improve your agility, speed, mobility and endurance.

Three, hiit training

Hiit high-intensity intermittent training, is now more popular fat reducing movement, through regular exercise and rest time, cross training, characterized by strength, high efficiency.

In addition to the area and weather restrictions, it is very suitable for you to lose fat at home, and in your weight loss training, you will be able to increase your weight loss by 2 to 3 times a week.

But need to have a certain basis of fitness, training intensity to arrange their own courses, novice, recommend starting T25 practice, is very popular for novice hiit reduced fat fuck lesson.

As shown in the chart below, we recommend that you pay attention to our hi sports fitness WeChat ID (hiydjs), and you can get the full set of video in response to "T25".

Four, battle line

In addition to running and losing fat! These five "motions" are more convenient for burning lipo-image 5

From running to the above recommended 3 training, belong to run up, this for knee has a problem, is very painful, mission impossible.

The combat rope training is to use the arm to dance the line, to mobilize the whole body muscle, increase the consumption of the body, have very strong burn fat effect.

Training methods:

20 seconds, 20 seconds. For 10 minutes, the intensity is very strong, please warm up before exercise, especially the arm, the joint warm-up.

Five, living habits

The last item is not exercise, but it has a decisive effect on the effect of weight loss.

Changes in your lifestyle are the foundation for your change in body shape.

In order to lose weight, you need to understand the process of obesity, which is partly due to the genetic effect, and most of the obesity is due to poor sleep schedules.

So change, develop a good life habit, before you begin to lose weight early, can bring you a lot of weight loss effect.